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Welcome to Pandi Claims

Marine Liability Claims Service

P&I Correspondents

Representing reputable international P&I Clubs; dealing with cases involving crew injury & death, stowaways, pollution, fines and environmental damage.

Cargo Liability Claims

Arranging surveys, investigation by our experts, negotiating with claimants to limit clients’ financial exposure. Access to international salvage buyers for the sale of damaged or abandoned cargoes.

Charterers' Liability Claims

Investigation, reviewing charterparty contracts, collecting evidence for defence purposes. Extensive experience in dealing with unsafe port/berth claims, particularly in Africa and Asia Pacific regions.

Collision and Wreck Removal

Our casualty investigators are legally trained and experienced Master Mariners attending on-site immediately after a casualty to investigate and assist the Master and crew in dealing with authorities and third parties.

Collecting evidence, witness statements, analysing ship’s data including VDR and ECDIS. Our detailed casualty investigation report includes recommendations on apportionment of liability, wreck removal and towage plans.

Dealing with issues of security, jurisdiction & limitation and negotiating favourable contracts.